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Helen Chapin's Guide to Newspapers of Hawaiʻi, 1834-2000
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Between the years: 1834 to 2000

1) Title: Friend, The
Category: Establishment    Language: English    Place: Honolulu    Island: Oʻahu
Frequency: monthly    Dates: 20 May 1843 - continuing
Publisher/Editor Info: Publishers/Editors: Hawaiian Missionary Board, Samuel Chenery Damon, Sereno Bishop, J. Leadingham, et al; The Board of the Hawaiian Evangelical Assn. (HEA). Editors: Joan Ishibashi, Michelle Paffer (2000).
Title Info: See, too, Ka Hoaloha (The Friend). Union List has closing date of 1954. However, still published as a newsletter by United Church of Christ 10 times yearly
Notes: 4-12 pp, size varies. Printed by the American Mission Press but not attached to the Mission. Rev. Damon, its founder, was chaplain of the Seamen's Bethel Church. Paper began as The Temperance Advocate, and Seamen's Friend, its original name plate displaying a globe surrounded by abstinence and its slogan stating, 'Devoted to Temperance, Seamen, Marine & General Intelligence.' Damon held Independent, progressive views and editorialized for women's rights, a more humane whaling industry, and health services for Native Hawaiians. He would not accept ads for liquor. The newspaper office received and forwarded seamen's mail. During his 40-year tenure, he virtually wrote each issue, except for fillers from abroad. Material occasionally printed in Hawaiian, Japanese, other languages. Present newsletter claims to be the oldest paper west of the Rockies. While Ka Lama is, the Friend is the oldest paper still in circulation in Hawaiʻi. Mailed to members of all Congregational Churches. The Friend remains today a primary source of whaling information.
Holdings: AH, HHS, HMCS, UHM mf    Sources: Union List
UHM Call Number: Microfilm S50374
UHM Call Number: BX9884 .A1 F749

2) Title: Hoaloha, Ka (The Friend)
Category: Hawaiian    Language: Hawaiian, English    Place: Honolulu    Island: Oʻahu
Frequency: weekly, monthly, quarterly    Dates: Jun 1902-Jun 1976
Publisher/Editor Info: Publisher: Hawaiian Evangelical Assn, which assumed (1902) financial and editorial content of The Friend (1843-). Editors: Caucasian and Native Hawaiian ministers including Rev. O. H. Gulick, Rev. K. Kakani, Rev. Edward Kahali; also journalists Emily Warriner, H. K. Poepoe, Louis Kaulanaula Grace.
Notes: In the 1970s, the only regularly published Hawaiian language periodical. See, too, The Friend.
Holdings: HMCS, UHM HP    Sources: Mookini
UHM Call Number: BX9884.A1 H63